This page has some links to some of my personal How-To's. Any comments are welcome.

  • threads.html: A discussion of how to get data from one thread to another (first draft)
  • JarBrowser: A simple Swing-based browser for jarred sites
  • Notes on granting file permissions
  • Java Servlets - Presentation (German) (2004)
  • Creating a Custom Class Loader that loads different versions of a jar file at runtime (2006, 2007), source
  • TODO Plugin for Very Quick Wiki (readme, source) (2006)
  • UnsupportedClassVersionError (Source code of a simple gui for getting the class version from a java class, 2008)
  • AspectJ: Vortrag JUG Cologne (PDF) 6.9.2010
  • Android (2012), FrOSCon (2013)
  • Astronomie
  • Home

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